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It's about more than the great taste

Yummi has been in the bakery business for the last 10 years and we’ve come a long way since starting out in a home garage. We have grown into an on-demand, full-scale factory, producing quality and innovative bakery goods for the South African retail market.


Macarons bursting with memories

Our Macaron flavours are designed to conjure up memories and emotions from a life well lived. We carefully craft them to have a thin crispy outer shell with a soft, slightly chewy centre. Our macarons are all about the delicate texture and the burst of flavour.

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Yummi Brownies

Prepare to have your definition of a Brownie redefined

This is where the Yummi adventure started and the legacy of our brownies has travelled to many parts of the world. Our brownies are crafted from a 71% Couverture Chocolate manufactured locally in Woodstock, Cape Town. Our chocolate supplier only uses UTZ certified cocoa beans. Every brownie is a rich and decadent experience, available in a large variety of different flavours. We believe every brownie we sell should help to change a life. We do this by employing people in places where it uplifts our surrounding communities and through responsible sourcing of ingredients.

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A Rich Experience

A decadent selection of tartlets made from locally sourced produce, couverture chocolate and real farm butter. The flavours rotate according to season and inspiration.

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The Perfect Cheesecakes

We have worked many late nights to perfect our baked cheesecake recipe. It melts in your mouth, leaving a rich, but not too sweet, memory in your mouth. We use premium mascarpone, free range eggs and real Madagascan vanilla beans for our range of cheesecakes.

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Cookies from Childhood Memories

A crispy edge, chewy centre and loaded with inclusions like couverture chocolate chunks, golden macadamia nuts and homemade peanut butter! Every bite becomes an experience! Our cookies will make you feel like a kid again and might just beat those your mama made!

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More than just a shake

At our stores, we like to say a shake is not just a shake! Our shakes are super thick and creamy, crafted with flavours to take you on a journey. We focus on flavours that remind you of your grandmother's apple pie, the S'mores around a campfire, strawberries with whipped cream in the summer sun, and pecan nut pie in front of the fireplace in the middle of winter.

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The best cup in town

Origin Coffee

We employ the best baristas we find so we can do justice to the lovely beans carefully roasted by Origin Coffee Roasters.

"Benefitting from preferential relationships with some of the world’s leading quality coffee farmers, Origin is able to source the world’s finest coffee beans via an ethical and sustainable sourcing model. All of our green beans have been grown, harvested and processed by growers who have been selected for their immense passion and dedication to quality."

You can grab a cup of fine Origin coffee at our Yummi Cafe in Canal Walk or when you visit our bakery in Paarl!

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Yummi helps big retail chains reduce wastage and build customer loyalty with quality baked goods & confectionary

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Buddy Smit

“Great flavors, great people. Those brownies are the best I've ever had.”

Gwendolene Matjan

“Absolutely amazing! I absolutely love this place. The macaroons are delicious and affordable and the service is outstanding! Would definitely go there again!”

Melissa Gundry

“Absolutely fantastic service always at the Canal Walk kiosk ! Best service in the food court . Was just helped by Mordekai & Gracious and i am 100% happy ! Always a smile on their face and always full of energy no matter what time of the day or week it is ! Thank you for always making me happy”

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