Meet the Yummi Group

Yummi Is all about helping people discover a world of flavours and uplifting the local Communities

After countless disappointing eatery experiences. We felt that store-bought desserts never lived up to the mouthwatering descriptions on their labels. We craved something real.

We craved a dessert experience that would exceed expectations, rather than fall short of them. An experience where you could get lost in a world of flavours. And then… Yummi was born. Yummi has been in the business for the last 10 years and we’ve come a long way since starting out of a home garage. We have grown into a full scale factory, producing quality and innovative bakery goods.

We focus on job creation through the employment of people from our local township communities. Individuals are given the opportunity to learn new skillsets, good work ethic and the ability to earn income. Through the investing in the development of our workers, we enable them to rise out of their circumstances and create a brighter future for themselves.

We help people re-live

memories and create new ones

through wonderful taste experiences

This is how it started. Story told by Eric, Founder of Yummi.

Yummi is a passionate baker’s creation. It started out of a boy’s delight for baking, pastry and confectionary. The story of Yummi goes like this.

Growing up, I always looked for a good dessert after a meal with friends or family. The normal store bought desserts just never lived up to mouthwatering descriptions on the labels. I craved something new. Something exciting. I craved a dessert experience where you could get lost in a world of flavours. This resonates with most of the Yummi consumers I encounter.

So, I started baking at home for fun, and the family regularly ended up with an overly full fridge of cakes and brownies. My mother sparked the idea that I could sell all the things I was baking at local markets. After searching around, I found the Willowbridge Slow Market. It was not long before the brownies took over much of the market table, replacing the shortbreads, chocolate truffles, chocolate cake and other sweets. This expanded to the Stellenbosch Slow Market and many of the markets in the Western Cape.

People started calling me Yummi Chef because they would uncontrollably exclaim “Yummy!” when they tasted my products. I was specialising in different variations of brownies, baked from high-quality couverture chocolate, and French macarons, which took many late nights to perfect. I couldn’t stop baking and enjoyed seeing people experience quality desserts I knew we all craved.

After my gap year in 2009 where I established the market-based business, I took up full-time studying at the University of Stellenbosch. I studied BSc Food Science because of my combined passion for cooking and chemistry, and it was all funded by this growing business.

As things grew, I was forced to open the first bakery in 2013. The business got its official name (Yummi) and for the first time, I had to start thinking about the well-being of other people in a work environment. It was my aim to build Yummi until it became known as one of the best patisseries and bakeries across the country, with shops all over. But, it also became clear to me that business could help people by doing social good. Yummi has been focused on this in its operations since those days.

After establishing the bakery, we used to produce like most other bakeries. But, as we have progressed through 10 years of bakery business experience, I realised how much goes to waste every day and thought there must be a better solution for the large-scale bakery goods need. This is where we started creating on-demand product ranges for retail chains. We’re happy to see how this solution has been welcomed by over 500 retail chain stores with a national footprint.

Today, Yummi has grown into a dynamic bakery that supplies jobs to over 40 people and is led by a powerful team of visionaries. We’re trusting to soon expand globally and supply people all over the world with quality products and bold bakery experiences!

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The Yummi Chef, Eric

The story behind Yummi Products

As a sweet tooth and science lover, I believe anything you eat should be an experience and a journey. We use a wonderful fusion of flavours that comes to a surprise to the palate, as well as memories. We combine these two aspects to create a memorable experience and a culinary journey. Eating should bring up memories that formed part of your life, and create new memories with the people you love. It’s all about the memories and experience.

In the bakery, the Yummi team utilises science as a principle to improve baked goods and confectionary, as well as to innovate and challenge the customer’s perception of normality. This is done by using fun and exciting flavour combinations which are presented in the form of very classical, elegant pastries and confectionary. They incorporate as many sensory aspects as possible, which includes flavour, smell, texture, and the psychological aspect.

Yummi’s products are all made from high-quality ingredients which are sourced locally where possible. Sustainability is one of our major concerns, and therefore one of our favourite ingredients used in almost every single product, chocolate, is certified UTZ and made from organic cocoa beans.

All our products are also gluten and wheat free, allowing for the enjoyment by individuals that are intolerant to gluten or have wheat allergies.

If you have any questions for us regarding our products or would like to order a special treat, just click the button below.